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“Kristin has such a strong sense of creativity. One of her many talents is her ability to create a brand and then ensure that it is infused throughout the company by connecting the look of the company with its culture and its purpose. Kristin skillfully captures the spirit of a company and presents it to the customer in a holistic way, so that everything your company puts out speaks to who you are.”

Lisa Cratty, Teagan and Mack

“She truly cares about my general well-being and that I maintain a healthy work / family balance that will be conducive to building the lifestyle and brand that I envision. The nurturing guidance I have received thus far has built up my confidence as an entrepreneur and encouraged me to slow down and embrace sustainable growth as I work to build a solid foundation for my brand.”

Jessica Montoya, COsewn

“Kristin is wonderful! Man, does she know fabrics. It was amazing to follow her around during the textile show. That lady was on a mission, knew what she wanted and asked intelligent questions. She is truly an asset. What a creative person.”

Deb Holte, CEO @ Buddy Beds

"Kristin was not only warm and friendly from the beginning of the process, but her fervor and passion for design speaks volumes through her garments alone. She was not only receptive to models' opinions, but she works quickly and efficiently. Her pieces are well-constructed, well-fitted, comfortable to wear, and she makes a genuine effort to be sustainable in her work as much as possible. That combination is rare in this industry.”

Maximilian Lee Koger

“Kristin has been instrumental in guiding me along the path of launching and building a new business. In the beginning as I began to formulate my ideas for the new business, she posed a number of thought provoking questions that lead me to explore and define my core goals and convictions. This proved to be an integral part of developing a business concept and brand that aligned with these key ideologies. As a creative and ambitious big thinker, I have the tendency to take on a bunch of different things at once; when I’m exploring new directions, she’s consistently been there with a reminder to evaluate whether new opportunities are truly worthy of my focus and attention and in keeping with my core.”

Jessica Montoya, COsewn

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