“Art is an adventure that never ends.”


I’m an unconventional fusion artist, designer, wellness provider, advocate, coach, — and believer — intertwining creativity, wellness and design to make a difference in your life and style. With almost three decades of experience across multiple art and design disciplines and genres, combined with my wellness practice and personal experience as a mom of a child with both visible and invisible disabilities, I embrace in opportunities with the potential of design to improve lives, while exploring the human experience. — designing for purpose, not just appearance.

Creating new perspectives in life & design


Design that makes a difference sparks my imagination to explore and discover opportunities that celebrate people from all walks of life, reveal the beauty of different cultures and create positive solutions to achieve meaningful social and environmental impact.



Forging new perspectives in life and design, brings a unique approach of using an artistic mindset, wellness, creative process and design thinking as a catalyst to EMPOWER creativity, innovation, leadership, and uncover hidden connections to empower transformational change.

Kristin’s love of art and design began as a small child. As each new design comes to life it captures a story that adds to the journey she has been on for over 30 years. After pursuing a BFA in Theatre from the University of Illinois with additional study in Costume and Set Design at the University of Wales she relocated to London. This gave her an opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe gaining unique hands-on experiences. In 1990, upon her return to the United States she began her career in design and the creative arts.

During her creative career, Kristin entered the world of parenting a child with both visible and invisible disabilities. Her whole world changed. Kristin continued her research in the wellness industry and became a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker; gaining knowledge in anatomy, nervous system, body structure and techniques into the art of healing. This unexpected journey made an impact in her creative work, lifestyle, and environment.

For over a decade, Kristin has been customizing for her daughter, and others with challenges, working in close collaboration with health care providers, both traditional and alternative.

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